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On-Line Art Exhibition - 2006

Welcome to the Bruton Festival on Line Art Exhibition. This is only a sample of the pieces shown in the actual exhibition which was held during the Festival fortnight in 2005.

Sadly we were unable to get good quality digital images of number of the pieces because of lighting issues at the venue, so the selection you see here is not based on personal judgement of what constitutes 'Good Art' but purely on what images could clearly be displayed.

Many of the pictures shown can be expanded, in a new window, purely by clicking on the image.

Please be patient with the download time of some images - they're well worth the wait. Please also note that due to limitations in the digital imaging and compression of data to speed download, that the images displayed may not exactly match the originals in colour tones or level of detail. Whilst this is unavoidable we do apologise to the artists for any inaccuracy between the original artwork and the images displayed here and thank them for their permission to exhibit their work on this site.