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Bruton Festival of Arts Review 2004

Another successful year for the Bruton Festival of Arts, with an extensive programme covering a wide range of interests. Just a few of the events are covered here. All of the pictures can be expanded for a larger view by clicking on them.

The Packhorse Fair. Although it looked like rain the bellringers Quarter Peal gave an uplifing start to the day. The rain helf off for most of the day whilst we enjoyed the excellent bands that appeared on the new Stage, The Morris Dancers and various buskers situated around the stalls. There were numerous events going on all day, including activities for the younger visitors and all appetites were catered for from the traditional roast pig to excellent vegetarian food. The licensed bar did a roaring trade as usual.

During the festival week another new event was The Writing Sweatshop. A challenge was set to local authors to write original short stories, poems, in less than 6 hours whilst on public display in home or shop windows.

Kissmet, a Bangra Band from Peterborough performed at The Unionist Club and delighted their audience.

The review of the Art Exhibition can be seen through the On-line Art pages.

Packhorse fair

Writing Sweatshop